Each One Teach one

Each One Teach One is a revolutionary project which aims on one hand to spread English literacy all over the country helping in skill development and on the other hand a platform providing employment to millions of educated and uneducated youth and adults in the country. 

The program aims at starting English learning centres at every village, town and city nationwide.It is based on the belief that there are millions of educated Indians with good knowledge of English and millions of Indians with great caliber to manage and administer logistics and facilities. 

Each One Teach One collaborates with such smart and hardworking persons and English literate individuals to take the mission of English Literacy all over the country and help in the larger progress of the nation. 

With this project UVALIFE aims to offer English language skills through its well designed module providing language knowhow to students in a manner that is less complicating and freefrom the intricacies of difficult and boring nuances of English grammar.

UVALIFE is proudly serving 79 EOTO centres around and across entire Chhattisgarh state.


UVALIFE on a mission mode is actively pursuing the cause of increasing depression and suicide rates in the country which has been established by Lancet study and WHO reports among others. 

To prevent such a high rate of suicide where in every 5 minute someone is dying due to suicide in the country UVALIFE has launched its flagship program MERI PEHCHAAN which is based on a mentorship model providing support systems (mentors) to at risk youth through one on one mentoring or counselling sessions.

UVALIFE associates with schools, colleges and coaching centres to provide mentoring/counselling services to their students in order to provide suicide intervention, depression control, mental and psychological health as well as personality development.

The program is a complete guidance package where in all the needs of youth from their school life till they attain a professional stability and success in their life are taken care. 

With a humble beginning Project MERI PEHCHAAN has successfully reached nearly 200,000 students in various learning centres.


India boasts of being the youngest nation that exists on the face of planet earth but this young nation to truly realise its potential and reap the actual benefits must ensure that its youth are well trained, skilled with modern knowledge, resources, tools, technology and techniques. 

It is with this realisation various governments at the Centre and State level overtime have been initiating a variety of different skill development programs of which ‘Kaushal Vikas Yojana’ of the present NDA government is an example. However such government efforts can see their real dawn only and when other institution and organisations in the country come up and complement the work of the government.

UVALIFE as an organisation working for youth has in this direction designed its own skill development initiative with the name ROSHNI through which it plans and has started to open various Vocational training program centres across the country starting from Chhattisgarh. Roshni aims to spread far and wide and contribute into the process of nation making and development.